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Lets talk safety


I'm happy to say that not only do we sell cool cars, they're super safe too! Most enthusiasts don't go out looking for the safest car, they want handling and performance, but with Land Rover its a two for one deal.

The amazing thing is how fast the Range Rover Sport will stop. 5600-pounds of world class awesomeness stopping in just 165 feet, oh I know your car will do that but will it do that from 70 mph to dead stop. 165 ft, wow that's about 20 ft sooner that all the other luxury SUV'S in 2006. You might chalk it up to the 4 piston Brembo brake calipers, one of the best brands on the market for good reason, they work.

Recently a lovely lady who bought the same model from me 1 1/2 yrs ago got hit head on here in Spokane, she said if it wasn't for driving that Range Rover she'd be a goner, her and her passenger walked away unharmed. The vehicle took a hit in the nose and held up like a champ, the other truck not so much.

High 5 C5


When Chevrolet first introduced Corvette in 1953, it has become the most desirable purchase by millions of car enthusiasts. This incredible American muscle car offers a lot of power and performance eclipsing all other brands of car manufacturers. While each generation of Corvette has different features to boast, many agree that C5 is a no ordinary model as it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye while offering a higher level of performance and horsepower. 
The fifth generation (C5) Corvette made its first appearance in 1997. At the time that was, it is considered one of the most reliable model of Corvette considering its unique attributes at a great value. However, like any other sports car, there are many factors that could affect the overall quality of the car you are eyeing such as how it should be maintained, cared for and driven. Albeit it received criticisms from a fraction of Corvette fans, it has eventually gained the trust of many, thus, making auto enthusiasts see how bright the future for America’s Sports Car is after the fifth-generation Corvette was unveiled. 
C5 was built using a LS1, 5.7 liter, v8 engine. Despite of the significant improvement when it comes to the horsepower which is rated at 345, the small blocks 5.7 liter displacement as well as the traditional push rod design 440 bore centers remained unchanged. The 11 small block V-8 is something to brag because of its one of a kind design. Other upgrades include an enhanced pistons, simplified valve train, distinctive extended sump oil pan, composite intake manifold, improved ignition system, and pool wall stainless steel exhaust manifolds. It also features an electronic throttle control BTC through its GM’s first gasoline engine making throttle response through all the RPM ranges more accurate. 
The exterior was an overall upgrade as well from their previous models. Modifications on the body, frame and suspension were apparent. However, a plethora of Corvette naysayers questioned the design and reliability of the new rear mounted transmission. Be that as it may, many shunned the aforementioned controversy because of its bulletproof feature which received a thumbs-up from the majority.
Buying a Corvette is indeed a very emotional and satisfying experience. Owning a piece of American sports car legend offers an exciting experience. With a stylish design and best engine upgrades, Chevrolet Corvette will forever be a part of American history as evidenced by the replicas we see in different establishments and museums across the country. Having a key to a Corvette is indeed a very empowering feeling, knowing that you drive an American sports automobile which deemed by many as the most stylish, reliable and powerful car in the market.

2014 Ford Escape

2014 Ford Escape Titanium full



The 2014 Ford Escape is one of the better-handling small crossover(s) available and one of the favorite small crossover utility vehicles out there. Thanks to its strong dynamics, useful high-tech features, and an attractive cabin.

The 2014 Escape had some minor adjustments to its feature availability. One of the notable updates was the rearview camera and Sync that are now standard on all trim levels.

The Escape made its way at the top as the best small crossover in a segment full of worthy entries. The car has sharp handling, high-end interior touches and handsome styling that help justify its price tag in this class.

Ford offers three kinds of four-cylinder powertrains on the 2014 Ford Escape. The base model is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder, which is just perfect for a small crossover that can provide adequate performance. However, what makes the Escape unique in this class are the available 1.6-liter and 2.0-liter turbocharged engines.

The 1.6-liter engine gives more power and better fuel economy compared to the 2.0-liter engine. The 2.0 makes 240 hp and has a lower EPA fuel economy rating than the smaller 1.6-liter model.

The Escape’s front and rear seats have a lot of head and legroom. The vehicle’s seat padding and bolstering are now comfortable and much firm without being too stiff. However, cargo space in the 2014 model is just average for the segment, falling behind between the CX-5 and the CR-V.

Folding up the rear seats can provide 34.3 cubic feet while folding down the rear seats provides additional space up to 68.1 cubic feet. Another helpful feature about the Escape is its hands-free power liftgate that opens with a wave of a foot that is located under the rear bumper.

In addition, dashboard and center console materials are very attractive, and its overall finish is astonishing. Its steering while is borrowed from the Ford Focus that improves the Escape’s sporty feel while providing useful audio controls.

The 2014 Ford Escape comes in three trim levels; Titanium, SE, and S. Standard and available only on the S will be the 2.5-liter four-cylinder powertrain that produces 168 hp and 167 lb-ft of torque.

The SE and Titanium powertrains come standard with a turbocharged 1.6-liter four cylinder engine that produces 178 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed automatic transmission will come standard. However, all the S are available in either front or all-wheel drive configuration.

When it comes to safety tech, the 2014 Ford Escape is loaded with it. Safety features will include antilock disc brakes, front-seat side airbags, traction and stability control, and the driver knee curtain-type airbags are now standard on the 2014 model. A rearview camera, blind-spot mirrors, and Ford’s MyKey are also standard.

An optional feature on the S and SE is the rear parking sensors but comes standard on the Titanium trim. Optional on the Titanium is the blind-spot warning system with cross-traffic alert.



Car Donation. Affordable luxury cars in spokane

Over the years, I’ve had some friends and customers tell me that they were going to donate their car. They were attracted to this idea because of the tax deduction and the ability to help out a charity of their choice. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad information out there about donating your car. Donating your car is sometimes a little confusing, like buying a used car Spokane has to offer. A simple internet search can clear up a lot of confusion.

If you’re donating your car for the purposes of a tax deduction, you need to know the math and the rules. The IRS doesn’t make anything easy. Some friends of mine think that you get to write off the book value or fair market value of the auto from estimated taxes owed. For example, if I paid $7,000 in taxes last year and if I donate my car to charity for $4,000, then I only need to pay $3,000 in taxes and I don’t have to go through the hassle of selling my car in Spokane.

It’s not quite that simple. Let’s say you’re in the 15% tax bracket and you donate your car to a legitimate charity and the fair market value is $1,000. If they sell that car for $1,000, you get $150 off your taxes you owed. That’s 15% of the sale price. As explained in one of the articles I found; if you’re filing under the 940-EZ, you can’t take the deduction because you’re already getting a standard deduction of $5,950. To get the deduction, you’ll have to itemize on a 940 tax form.

At the end of the day, you’re better off selling the car privately or to car dealers in Spokane and then donate that money to your favorite charity.. Also, because of your generosity, you should keep a few bucks and buy yourself a nice lunch for being awesome. You’ve earned it!

I found several sites that explain the ins and outs very well, https://turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tools/tax-tips/Tax-Deductions-and-Credits/How-Do-Tax-Deductions-Work-When-Donating-a-Car-/INF14391.html and https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-tege/pub4303.pdf

From your friend,
Bill Van Dinter
Car Emporium

How Mercedes-Benz SUV’S Changed the Luxury Market

If you look at any luxury car manufacturer’s current lineup, you’re likely to see a wide selection of crossover SUVs. Not every luxury brand has a full size SUV like the Escalade, but they do all have those medium sized crossovers. They’re popular because of they give you the comfort and technology of a luxury car with the functionality of an SUV.


The luxury crossover all started with the Mercedes-Benz M-Class. This automotive trend that has been unstoppable over the last couple decades can be traced directly to the first M-Class for the 1998 model year. It started with the ML320 which was a totally new design from the ground up. Mercedes-Benz didn’t phone it in and make and SUV based on an existing car and they deserve a lot of credit for that. The luxury SUV offerings of the time were either badge engineered, too expensive, too unreliable, or all of the above.


That’s where the M-Class came in. It was a body-on-frame SUV with seating for five and an optional third seat. It was the first luxury SUV with electronic stability control making it one of the safest SUVs you could buy. It also helped popularize the trend of all-wheel drive in luxury cars with the 4Matic system available. This gave it great performance in any road condition and even off-road.


Since there was no other SUV like it and not even another Mercedes like it, the ML320 was the Motor Trend Truck of the Year and was voted North American Truck of the Year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit for 1998.


The original M-Class was so popular and so influential that Mercedes made a huge investment for the second generation in the Alabama plant where they were built. Thanks to this investment, the second generation M-Class was a little bigger, more aerodynamic, and overall better quality. It also switched from body-on-frame to unibody giving it more car-like handling.


Alongside the second generation M-Class was the GL-Class which was all new for the 2007 model year. It was similar to the M-Class, but larger. It had three rows of seats for up to seven people while the new M-Class did not have an optional third seat. The luxury crossover segment that the M-Class kicked off got so popular that the other luxury brands started building them bigger. The GL-Class brought serious competition to rival crossovers and even the full-size SUVs.


If you’re looking for a great deal on a modern luxury SUV, an M-Class is an excellent option. The luxurious interior holds up to this day still feeling comfortable and well-appointed. No matter which M-Class you drive, it can turn heads and it has the distinct look of a German luxury vehicle.
If you need more room for more cargo and more passengers, the GL-Class is a great way to haul the family around in style. Thanks to the unibody construction of the GL-Class, it has car-like handling, efficiency, and driveability as opposed to competing full-size SUVs in the luxury market. It’s the luxury you’d expect from Mercedes-Benz in a big package with no compromise.

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